Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic

After Hours Clinic 7pm to 7am
PLUS All Day Weekends & Holidays

specializing in Emergency DOG and CAT EMERGENCY CARE
 in the Knoxville Tennessee area... 

After Hours 7pm to 7am
PLUS All Day Weekends & Holidays

Call 865-637-0114
Click to Call from Mobile 

1819 Ailor Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37921

Centrally located conveniently off I-40, exit 387. 
We service Knoxville and the surrounding areas, as well as parts of Southern Kentucky. 

 ~ Established in 1976
~  Fully equipped with the latest technology
~  Modern equipment, and 
~  Full service veterinarian staff
~  No Appointment is necessary! 
~  Walk-ins are welcome…

To treat your sick or injured dog or cat.

We specialize in fulfilling all of your small animal pet emergency veterinary needs.

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After Hours Clinic  7pm to 7am Weekdays
Plus All Day (and night) Weekends & Holidays

Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic East Tennessee Option

Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic

Experience and Results
Specializing in DOGS & CATS

Open 7pm to 7am Monday - Thursday,
24 hours a day from 7pm Friday to 7am Monday, and ALL HOLIDAYS. Walk-ins Welcome!

This is the place to bring your DOG OR CAT. 
We are set up to effectively treat all emergency situations.
Affordably Priced, convenient location off I-40

~ Trained to operate as a vital member of the health care team, 
~ Optimize  patient care,
~ Effectively evaluate and communicate,
~ To keep pets healthy and  happy as much as possible. 
~ Dedicated to fostering the human-animal bond.
~ Able to recognize vital role pets play as part of the family.  
~ A full service veterinary clinic, specializing in small animals.
~ Offer compassionate, high quality and state-of-the-art medical  care
~ Focused on the urgent and emergency care...
~ For  Dogs & Cats  in our clinic .

Client Benefits

Open 24 hours a day on weekends
Open Evenings & Nights (7pm to 7am) during the week.
Open 24 hours all major holiday periods
We specialize in Emergency Services:

Critical Care
Pain Management
Continuous Monitoring & Treatment of Transferred Patients
Advanced In-House Diagnostics
Emergency Surgical Procedures

What Do I Do?

Call immediately or come in!  During our hours of operation (7pm to 7am M-Th, 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays)  If time allows and you can, be prepared with the following information when you call us:
  • What happened? – or – What signs have you noticed?
  • How is the pet breathing?
  • Is your pet alert? Is there any bleeding? If so, from where?
  • Is your pet able to walk?
  • Is there any abdominal distension?
  • Is your pet urinating? Is there any straining or blood?
 Again, if you note any of the above signs or feel your pet needs  immediate medical attention, call us for emergency pet care  in the greater East Tennessee area.

Pet Services

What we do:

    • ~ Medical Assessment
    • ~ Emergency Medical Treatment & Care
    • ~ Radiology (x-rays)
    • ~ Ultrasongography
    • ~ Blood Testing
    • ~ Poison Treatment
    • ~ Dermatology (skin issues)
    • ~ Emergency Surgery
What we do NOT do:
    • ~ Vaccines
    • ~ Spaying/Neutering
    • ~ Boarding during the week
    • ~ Orthopedic Surgery
    • ~ Teeth Cleaning
We are NOT setup for Large Animals, Farm Animals, Reptiles, Amphibians, or Avian (Birds). We specialize in the best and most effective care for Dogs & Cats. 

Making a Difference: ONE PET AT A TIME!

No Appointment Necessary

Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic is an AFTER-NORMAL HOURS ‘walk-in’ clinic, usually on a first come, first serve basis.  Like an ER, there are no  ‘appointments,’ though you are welcome and invited to call us to  let us know what the problem is, or that you’re on the way in, so we  might save you some time when you get here, or help with any special  transportation instructions.
   The exception would be in cases of extreme emergencies,  where lifesaving measures might be immediately necessarily on a new  patient, requiring us to focus our attention on a different patient  coming in, until they are stabilized.

What to Expect

Just like the ER at the local hospital, our job is to SOLVE PROBLEMS, and treat a wide variety of emergencies… as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible… to reduce or   eliminate suffering, and treat a wide variety of problems. We are well trained, experienced, and equipped to deal with any situation your dog or cat might find themselves in.

We  will do our very best to treat your pet when ever possible, and to give  you all the options (when there are some).  We understand, after doing  this for years, that goals and priorities  are different for each  client. Please don’t think we are callous or  negative when costs are  discussed; in general, we are the most  affordable after-hours option  available in the area. We try to discuss  any and all expenses prior to  spending your money, to help avoid any  confusion, misunderstanding,  with the odds clearly stated as to what you  can reasonably expect,  based on our experience. We do care, however, we  are not a ‘free  clinic’ and some treatments options absolutely cost  more than others;  and sadly, no treatments come with a 100% guarantee.

We  will always try to do our very best to ease or eliminate any  suffering  or illness your pet might have, within your budget. We do  offer  ‘CareCredit’ who is usually willing and able to help make some   decisions a little easier for those people that don’t have funds  readily  available.

We are open after-normal-hours, all weekends & holidays, when your local veterinarian offices are closed. We are open continuously Friday 7:00pm – Monday 7:00am 24 hour veterinarian on site Saturday & Sunday, and all major holidays, because we know that accidents don’t take time off, and your pets don’t celebrate holidays. Our Weekday Hours Are:Nights – Monday – Thursday 7:00pm – 7:00am

We will do our best to help you, as well as your human and animal family members!

After Hours Emergency Pet Care by Experienced Veterinarians

What is an Emergency?


An emergency is any event, behavior, or situation that you,  as your pet’s number one advocate, know to be out of the ordinary or  concerning. 
You can always call to discuss your pet, but be aware that you are  the only one who can actually see your pet’s behavior and know your  pet’s normal behavior.

If you think it’s an emergency, bring your loved one in!
What signs indicate an emergency situation?
    • Difficulty Breathing
    • Bone protruding through the skin
    • Leg, paw, or other appendage not in a normal position
    • Hit by car or other major trauma (falls, attacks, etc.)
    • Actively having a seizure
    • Puppies/Kittens not born within 2-3 hours of active labor (pushing) starting
    • Swelling of the face or elsewhere
    • Non-productive attempts to vomit (especially large dogs!)
    • Ingestion of toxin or being bitten by something poisonous (snake, spider, etc)
    • Difficulty walking including stumbling, circling or limping
    • Any active bleeding
    • Prolonged vomiting and/or diarrhea (especially young pets!)
What do you do?   Call immediately or come in!
If time allows and you can, be prepared with the following information when you call us (or come in):

    • What happened? – or – What signs have you noticed?
    • How is the pet breathing?
    • Is your pet alert?
    • Is there any bleeding? If so, from where?
    • Is your pet able to walk?
    • Is there any abdominal distension?
    • Is your pet urinating? Is there any straining or blood?
Again, if you note any of the above signs or feel your pet needs immediate medical attention Call us now for 24 hour emergency pet care in the greater East Tennessee area. 

Located conveniently & centrally in Knoxville, TN.
Located immediately off I-40 at Exit 387,  near the start (or end) of Alcoa Hwy (129).
We are an effective solution for those traveling through Knoxville.

Fully staffed with a licensed veterinarian on site, in state of the art urgent care facilities.  Phone: 865-637-0114

Remember, we are an AFTER HOURS Emergency PET CLINIC, specializing in DOGS & CATS, open every night after 7pm, all day on weekends and holidays. 

You do NOT have to be referred by a day time veterinarian to benefit  from our services during our hours of operation. 

If you are new to the  area, or a new pet owner, here is a list of some of the local Veterinarian Clinics we work with the most:

NOTE: Currently, only the clinics listed in blue are 'direct links' to their website. We'll add more links as we are made aware of their unique web address. 

Academy Mobile Pet Clinic
Admiral Veterinary Hosital
Airport Animal Clinic
Airport Pet Emergency Clinic
All Paws Veterinary Clinic
Animal Clinic-Dennis
Animal Health Center
Animal Hosp. of Campbell County
Animal Hospital of Anderson County
Animal Hospital of Decatur
Animal Medical Clinic
Animal Medical Clinic of Loudon
Animal Wellness
Animal Works
Appalachian Animal Hospital
Asheville Hwy Animal Clinic
Banfield - Alcoa
Banfield - Kingsport
Banfield - Turkey Creek
Banfield - West Town
Bearden Hill Veterinary Clinic
Bell County Animal Clinic (KY)
Blackford Surgery Referral
Blount Vetinary Clinic
Bluegrass Animal Hosptial
Boyds Creek Animal Hospital
Bradley McMinn Pet Emergency Clinic
Broadway Veterinary Clinic
Butler Animal Clinic
Callahan Dr Animal Hospital
Cat Clinic
Cedar Bluff Animal Clinic
Central Veterinary Clinic

Chilhowee Veterinary Clinic
Clinton Animal Hospital
Clinton Hwy Vet Hospital
Companion Animal Hospital
Concord Vet
Countryside Veterinary Services
Creekside Animal Hospital
Crossings Animal Hospital
Crossroads Animal Clinic
Cumberland Animal Clinic - Oneida
Dixon Animal Hospital
Dogwood Animal Hospital
Emory Animal Hospital
Fairview Animal Hospital
Fannon Animal Hospital
Farragut Animal Clinic
Five Rivers Pet Emergency Clinic
Forest Park Clinic for Cats and Dogs
Fountain City Animal Hospital
Four Winds Holistic Animal Services
Gov John Sevier Animal Clinic
Greenback, Veterinary Centre of
Halls Animal Hospital
Hardin Valley Animal Hospital
Harrogate Hospital for Animals
Highland Vet Clinic - Oneida
House Paws
Ideal Veterinary Hospital
Indian Mountain Hospital for Animals
Indian Ridge Animal Hospital
Jacksboro Veterinary Services
Jackson Square Animal Clinic
Jones Animal Hospital
Jonesborough Animal Hospital

Just For Pets Animal Clinic
Karns Animal Hospital
Knoxville Animal Clinic
Lafollette Veterinary Services
Lakeway Animal Hospital
Lange Animal Hospital
Lenoir City Animal Clinic
Lentz Veterinary Clinic
Lovell Animal Hospital
Maryville Animal Hospital
Maryville Small Animal Medical Center
Maynardville Animal Clinic
McArthur Animal Clinic
Middlebrook Animal Clinic
Midland Pet Emergency Center
Morgan County Animal Hospital
Morristown Animal Hospital
Moyers Veterinary Clinic East
Moyers Veterinary Hospital
Mtn Empire Small Animal Hospital
Mtn Home Veterinary Hospital
Mtn Hwy Veterinary Hospital
My Pets Animal Hospital
Newport Animal Clinic
Norris Vet Animal Hospital
North Knox Veterinary Clinic
Northshore Animal Hospital
Norwood Veterinary Hospital
Oak Ridge Veterinary Hospital
Parkway Animal Hospital
Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital
Pet Well Clinic Alcoa
Pet Well Clinic Knoxville
Pet Wellness Clinic

Powell Animal Clinic
Ridgefield Animal Hospital
Rocky Hill Animal Hospital
Rogersville Animal Hospital
Rutledge Animal Clinic
Sevier County Animal Clinic
Seymour Veterinary Clinic
Smoky Mtn Animal Clinic
Sycamore Shoals Animal Hospital
Tazwell Pike Animal Clinic
Tellico Village Animal Clinic (Lenoir City Satellite)
The Pet Doctor
The Visiting Vet - Dr. Moody
Thunder Road Vet Services
Town and Country Animal HospitalTri-County Veterinary Clinic
Union County Animal Hospital
Upper Cumberland Vet Clinic- Crossvile
Upper Cumberland Vet Clinic- Wartburg
Veterinary Medical Center
Veterinary Services
Village Veterinary Clinic
Village Veterinary Hospital
Volunteer Veterinary Hospital
Washington Pk Veterinary Hospital
West Bearden Veterinary Hospital
White Pine Veterinary Practice
Young Williams Animal Center
Young's Animal Hospital

If your veterinarian isn't on the above list, THAT IS ALRIGHT.  We are happy to forward the clinic files to whom ever your veterinarian might be, where ever they are, for their normal follow up and care of your pet.

If they are local, serving your pets in the greater Knoxville area, and aren't on the above list, they can join our list of happy veterinarians whose clients we gladly serve in the off hours for any critical care and  emergency needs, until that veterinarian is able to take over in their own clinic. Just let us know... or ask them to contact us. 

IF your After Hours Emergency
does NOT involve a Dog or Cat

Horses, Cows, Goats, Pigs, any livestock, large animals and exotics

UT Veterinary Hospital

Snakes, Lizards, other Reptiles, Amphibians (frogs), Hamsters, Sugar Gliders, Parrots, and all other exotic creatures.

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center

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