Interested in working in the Animal Health Field?

Positions are sometimes available.

Type of Jobs


If you are licensed to practice in the State of Tennessee, and specialize in the emergency treatment of DOGS & CATS, and are willing to work OVER NIGHT,  weekends, and holidays... then

Feel free to submit your CV 
ATTN: Dr. Davenport, enclosed CV 

Vet Tech

We are interested in responsible people that are good with animals, understand we are an emergency clinic (i.e., there will be blood and guts more often than not, as well as some very sickly animals that need our help). Our job is to help save as many animals as possible, but sadly some are euthanized at the owners request because of the severity of the situation.

IF you have experience, or otherwise believe you can deal with all that responsibly, nights, weekends and holidays... Send Resume to Clinic address

ATTN: Dr. Davenport, enclosed Resume on the envelope. 

Support Staff

Often these are the people like the receptionist, maintenance, landscaping, etc. that don't fit in the other two categories.

These positions are seldom open, but you are welcome to send in a resume and explain how or why you think you can help us. Worst case, we can keep it on file for when someone retires, moves out of the area, or gets sick. It's always good for emergency clinics to have backups, and backups for the backups.

Send Resume to Clinic address on home page, ATTN: Dr. Davenport, enclosed Resume on the envelope.