Are you happy with our services?

We've invested a great deal in education, equipment, and staff training.
The vast majority of the cases we get are literally death vs a chance for life... nights and weekends,
we understand that we are often the last hope for pets that are brought into us. We average a majority success rate, and staff specialists that deal with LIFE & DEATH situations multiple times a day, and are able to save most of the pets brought to us. 


Thanks to Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic, our pet is still alive. 

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KPEC was able to fix long enough for me to get to my pet baby to the regular veterinarian or specialist on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Sustaining life, reducing suffering, and giving the day clinic or specialist a chance to fix. 

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If you have a COMPLAINT, PLEASE TELL US, so we might have the opportunity to fix it (if possible), or IMPROVE our services.

Sadly, we can't save 100% of the pets that enter our facility. If yours was one of those, we are sorry for your loss. As pet owners, and animal lovers, ourselves... we do understand; and, it is difficult for us also. Some medical issues are just too much, some too costly... or unlikely to offer any real quality of life. While we really do care - and always do our best - we are human, and the perfect result isn't always achieved. 

Two things: a) ultimately, we are NOT GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED, nor do we have a wealth benefactor that enables charity work... our equipment, materials, and staff aren't free, taxes and utilities aren't free... therefore, WE ARE A FEE BASED CLINIC, and our 'charity' isn't 'our jobs.' And, because of the off, and inconvenience hours, we ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN A DAY CLINIC! That doesn't usually have all the different types of equipment we have, or snake bit anti-venom, or the array of other stuff we HAVE TO KEEP ON HAND because of the nature of our business. We don't clip nails, spay or neuter, express glands, give vaccinations like day clinics. We are here for the EXTREME CASES - hit by car, poisoned, fight with another animal, trouble pregnancy, ate something they shouldn't have, etc. etc. etc. Not 'normal care' (or maintenance). 

And, b) There are times there are 2, 3, 10 cases arriving at the same time. Just like a regular hospital, we try to 'triage' (the educated medical process of using our expertise to determine the priority of patients' treatments by the severity of their condition or likelihood of recovery with and without treatment. Triage rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated immediately; influencing the order and priority of emergency treatment, emergency transport, or transport destination for the patient, and referrals to places like the University of Tennessee.

If you STILL FEEL THE NEED, or believe it can help, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO: 



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